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Saturday, December 6, 2014

"The Atonement is Infinite and Eternal"

 Christ is everything to you, Christ is everything to me, 
Where would we be,
If it weren't for He?

The great I am,
The Mighty High Priest,
Through Christ our Lord,
All fears do cease.

At peace... I am,
At peace I'll be,
For Thy love Thou gives to me.

How can it be?
Thou didst die for me!
I do cry to Thee,
Thou whispers silently...


"Come unto me...
Ye are my friends.
 Come unto me...
Ye who've sinned."

"I have suffered and bled for Thee,
I have given My life you see?
In my palms I've engraven Thee,
In that garden I made thee free."

"Will you flee, flee from sin?
Repent and change, 
To start again?"

"A brand new day,
A glorious morn.
To begin once again,
To be reborn!" 

The Atonement is Infinite and Eternal
***Alma 7:11-16***

By: Daniel Thomas Armstrong (December 6th, 2014 @ 1:00pm)

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